Throwing a Digital Party during Covid-19

It is important to practice social distancing during the spread of COVID-19. However, just because you can’t see friends and family in person during this pandemic doesn’t mean you can’t spend some digital time with the people you care about. Learn about throwing a digital party during COVID-19 by reading on.

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The first step in throwing a digital party is picking your video platform. There are several available services that offer video conferencing. Consider what your friends and family are familiar with. Skype and Face Time are some of the most popular platforms. However, some platforms are only available to users who have certain devices. Other options include Zoom and Google Hangouts.

Next, prepare your space for your digital party. If you are throwing a party, you want a clean space, at least in front of the camera. If you are throwing a digital dinner party, clean your kitchen. If you are hosting a digital game night, clean your living room.

For those who are hosting a digital dinner party, think about eating the same food. One option is asking your loved ones to order takeout at the same restaurant as you. Another choice is encouraging friends and family to follow the same recipe you are using. Consider easy, low ingredient recipes because your loved ones may not be able to access certain ingredients during this time. Don’t forget the drinks! What is a party without a few fun cocktails? Consider “sharing” a bottle of wine with your friends or family members while playing games or enjoying dinner.

If you are throwing a digital party during the spread of COVID-19, Pink Elephant Party & Tent Rentals is here to help. You can reach out to our team for any of your party rental needs. To get in touch with our staff, give us a call at 631-351-3561 today!

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