Credit Card Requirements

A valid credit card is required to open an account, all information must be included and a signature filed on this rental contract. Charges billed to the credit card will consist of missing or damaged items left unpaid after 7 days of event. A detailed invoice of those charges and copy of receipt will be emailed to you after the event. The client hereby authorizes The Pink Elephant Party and Tent Rentals to charge this card.


  1. Customer will take all necessary precautions regarding the equipment rented and protect all persons and property from injury and damage. Customer agrees to hold The Pink Elephant Party and Tent Rentals from and against any and all liability claims, judgments, attorney fees and costs of every kind of nature, including but not limited to injuries or death to persons and damage to property, arising out of the use, maintenance, instruction, operation, possession, ownership or rental of the equipment rented. However caused except claims or litigation arising through the sole negligence or willful misconduct of the rental center.
  2. Assumptions of risk/release discharge of liability. Customer is fully aware and acknowledges there is risk of injury or damage arising out of the use or operation of the equipment rented here under and hereby elects to voluntarily enter into this rental agreement and assume all of the above risks of injury or damage arising out of the use or operation of the equipment. Customer further agrees to waive, release, and discharge any and all claims of injury or damage against The Pink Elephant Party and Tent Rentals which customers otherwise may be entitles to assert.
Price & Payment
Final payment is due ON DELIVERY, and will be paid in cash. If final payment is made via credit card, final payment is due the DAY BEFORE delivery. No order will be delivered until final payment is made. a $25.00 fee will be added to your account each time the order is changed within 48 hours of scheduled delivery. In the case where a balance due is unpaid past 30 days, client agrees to pay an interest charge of 1% per month on the outstanding balance. Prices stated are subject to change and the Customer agrees that additional payments will be owed and payable to The Pink Elephant Party and Tent Rentals in the event of alterations in specifications, quantities, designs, delivery schedules or required labor for delivery to specified location(s), untimely returned or unreturned rented Goods, or rented Goods returned, but in altered or damaged form, and/or legislation enacted by any level of government, including tax legislation, which increases the cost of producing, warehousing, purchasing, selling, or renting the Goods rented or purchased hereunder. Customer hereby agrees that The Pink Elephant Party and Tent Rentals may charge any credit or debit card or account provided by Customer for any such change in pricing resulting in a balance owed by Customer to The Pink Elephant Party and Tent Rentals. The Pink Elephant Party and Tent Rentals reserves the right to increase the prices of its rental and sales offerings. The timing and amount of any price increase for any rental or sale Goods will be in the sole and exclusive discretion of The Pink Elephant Party and Tent Rentals to the extent that a price increase may effect an unexpired written quotation provided by The Pink Elephant Party and Tent Rentals to Customer. The Pink Elephant Party and Tent Rentals may in its sole and exclusive discretion honor such quotation or terminate such quotation by notice to Customer, with or without providing a new quotation to Customer.
Reserving Equipment
Equipment will be reserved upon receipt of a signed contract. DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. NO EXCEPTIONS. They are to be paid by cash, check, or credit card only. The rental of this equipment is to the client indicated for the event and specified date indicated on the invoice. The equipment cannot be sub-rented or used by others. Upon receiving your invoice via email, please GO OVER and CONFIRM all information is accurate. We are not responsible for incorrect information. Written quotations will automatically expire (72) hours after their issuance unless terminated by The Pink Elephant Party and Tent Rentals. If equipment is rented and picked up directly from the warehouse, it is to be returned the day after the event noted on the invoice. ALL MACHINE and LINEN rentals require a credit card to be on file as well as a copy of your NYS identification. We do not provide extension cords for tent lighting.
Missing or Damaged Equipment
Items not returned within 3 days after the event date on the invoice are considered missing. Missing or damaged items will be charged to the credit card on file at replacement cost. A detailed copy of the invoice of these items will be provided to the client after the payment is received. Customer acknowledges that in the event any rented Goods (including without limitation the equipment, chinaware, glassware, silverware, and other The Pink Elephant Party and Tent Rentals property described in the Contract) sustain any damage or destruction or are lost or stolen while under rent to Customer, Customer agrees to pay The Pink Elephant Party and Tent Rentals the costs for repair or replacement. Customer further agrees to accept full responsibility and liability, and Customer shall defend, indemnify, and hold The Pink Elephant Party and Tent Rentals harmless for any injury to any other person(s), for any damage to the property of any other person(s), and any other loss that may result through the use or misuse of the goods. The Pink Elephant Party and Tent Rentals is not responsible for any damage or liability incurred by handling Customer’s or any other person’s personal property.
Site Preparation
Please be sure the site is ready, (lawns mowed, furniture moved, vehicles moved, pets are cleaned up after). If the site is not ready or accessible when the delivery crew arrives, the client will incur an additional fee and/or equipment may not be delivered. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGE DONE TO: phone lines, cable lines, sprinkler systems, water lines, gas lines, electrical lines, septic system, decks, patios, grass etc. or conditions that may interfere with the ability to stake and/or anchor equipment. Clients will assume responsibility for all damages to underground utilities in absence of notice or incorrect location of utilities. The Pink Elephant Party and Tent Rentals WILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES OR INJURY AT THE EVENT.
Clean Up & Preparation for Pickup
All floral arrangements, trash, and decorations of any kind should be removed from the rental equipment before the scheduled pick up time. There will be an additional charge for any items that have to be removed. All chairs and tables should be stacked in a designated location as delivered. All dishes, glassware, flatware, and any other catering items, should be returned to proper rack or container, and dry and rinsed and assembled at designated location for pickup. Any catering item that is returned dirty (not rinsed) will incur an additional fee of $1.00 per item. Linens should be food and particle free and shakeout before being placed in soiled linen bags. Linens that are returned with burns, permanently stained, wax, holes, tears, wet or damp with mildew/mold, or otherwise unusable will be billed at replacement cost. Be sure to notify your catering of these terms and conditions.
Tents are TEMPORARY structures designed to handle most natural weather conditions; however, there may be situations that become unsafe such as high winds, extreme rain, and lightning. Evacuation of tents is recommended in these or other unsafe conditions.
RESPONSIBILITY OF THE EQUIPMENT REMAINS WITH THE CLIENT FROM THE TIME OF DELIVERY TO THE TIME OF PICK UP. Please be sure all equipment is secured when not in use and protected from the weather. All collection fees, attorney fees, court costs, or any other expenses involved in the collection of rentals charges will be the client’s sole responsibility. Be sure all equipment is returned according to these TERMS & CONDITIONS. The client is solely responsible for any additional charges incurred as a result of failure to meet these conditions. Customer and The Pink Elephant Party and Tent Rentals hereby agree that these Terms along with the Contract shall constitute the entire agreement between Customer and The Pink Elephant Party and Tent Rentals and no prior or contemporaneous oral or written statement, correspondence, sample, or other terms, quotations, or understandings shall modify, alter, or in any way affect the term thereof. I have read and agree to the above Terms & Conditions and acknowledge this receipt. This contract is valid for all rentals purchased by this client and supersedes all prior contracts.
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