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If a color choice for linens is not selected then you will receive White. All Linen Orders Are Final. We place our linen orders with a linen supplier. Once we place our linen orders with them they are paid for and reserved for your event. Please make sure your table size and color selections are correct.
We supply a Pink Launder bag for your soiled linens after you use them for your event. The linens must be shaken free of food, confetti, and all party decor. 
As well any linens returned wet, torn, burnt, or with candle wax cost with your card on file.


The tent legs are 7ft High. If you need higher legs or leg extensions you must notify the office when placing your tent order. If a crew has to return to the site you are subject to additional charges.
You must let your planner know if the tent will be installed on the grass or a patio.
All items when being delivered to a building are quoted for ground-floor delivery. If your event requires upstairs or basement delivery, you must let your planner know.   
We make our delivery schedules weekly. If your event requires special delivery/pickup for any reason you must let your planner know. 

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We start making our deliveries Tuesday and throughout the week. Please follow up with your planner for more details. 
Make sure your Grass is cut well in advance. Also, our crews do not move furniture. Please have your area where you would like the tent clear and ready for installation.
When placing your tent order please make sure your tent will fit in the area you would like it. If the crew arrives and cannot install a tent we cannot guarantee we will have a smaller size tent available as tents are reserved well in advance.     

Please clean up your doggy droppings before crews arrive. 

Shut off your sprinklers. The water sits on the tables and chairs and cannot drain.
Tent crews do open tables for your event. However, they don't open chairs or place your table linens on tables.
Know where you would like your tent placed prior to the Tent crew arriving. It is very difficult and time-consuming for them to move it once it is installed. 
If you have Tent lights being installed check to make sure all lights are in working order prior to the team leaving. As bulbs do loosen when installed. 
You must let your planner know if the home we are delivering to is an Airbnb or Rented home. As this does require special delivery/pickup.

Specialty Items

We do make additional trips to your site if you have specialty items reserved for your event. Talk to your planner for more details. 
All balances must be paid no later than 10 days prior to your event. Delivery teams do not collect payments.   


Balances must be paid in Certified Bank check, Zelle, Venmo Cash App, or Cash in the Office. Please discuss this with your planner.    

Return of Rental Items

All Items Must Be In The Area Where They Were Delivered To. Crews Cannot Search For Rentals. If Items Are Not Located You Will Be Billed For Another Rental Or Replacement Charge.

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