Shades of Rose are Trending for 2020 Weddings

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If you are looking for ways to make your wedding be as current and trendy as possible, why not pick a color that is on-trend? We have some suggestions to include the latest trendy colors in your spring and summer wedding. Keep reading for more information about the 2020 rose gold trend.

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We know, we know, we thought rose gold would be passed by now. It has been a popular shade at weddings and parties since 2018. Although a lot of people think rose gold is a new thing, it has actually been around since the 19th century. Louis Faberge, the maker of those famous Faberge eggs from Russia, but rose gold on the map. Louis began using a pinkish hued gold in his designer eggs, which was called Russian gold at that time. Russian gold was a mixture of yellow gold and copper. The more copper that is used, the more pink the rose gold is.

Rose gold first gained popularity in the United States in the 1920s, when people were looking for a new way to wear gold. The 1920s were a very romantic period, and people wanted a shade of jewelry to reflect that–which is why rose gold was used.

How We Use Rose Gold

Unlike Julia Roberts in Steel Magnolias, we don’t advocate having a solid pink funeral. However, we are all in favor of using pieces of rose gold, especially if you are having a wedding with a romantic theme. Rose gold signifies hope and empathy, as well as kindness.

If you are getting married this year, you may choose to wear a wedding dress in a rose hue, or dress your bridesmaids in rose gold hues as well. Grooms and groomsmen could also incorporate rose tones into cummerbunds or ties. You may also want to use lots of shades of rose gold in your flowers. The best part about rose gold is that it is very nearly a neutral. It pairs well with lots of different shades in the color spectrum. You can combine rose gold with grays, browns, and other darker colors such as dark kelly green or navy blue. Rose tones can also pair well with lighter shades such as light blue, cream, white, or yellow.

Other Ideas for Rose Tones

If you want to use rose tones in other ways for your wedding, you might want to try it in your place settings for dinner at the reception. You could use it as part of your cake as well. Place mats and other party favors could also use a rose tone. We have seen rose hues in just about every decoration for a wedding possible, so don’t be afraid to stretch your creativity.

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