Why Rent a Bounce House?

LI Bounce House Rental | Long Island Party Supply Rentals

Why you should rent a Bounce House? At Pink elephant, we know a lot about parties and in the summer there are a lot of activities going on. If you want to add that “extra” to your child’s party, then a bounce house will do just that.

We have four reasons Why Renting a Bounce House is a great option for your next party or event.

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Make Your Spring Party Unique & Interesting with Party Inflatables

LI Bounce House Rental | Suffolk County Party Rentals

We have everything you need to make your Spring Party stand out from the rest!

With our tents, tables, and fun food machines you definitely can make a party that will have a lasting impression but adding an inflatable to your next party? That will surely get some smiles from your guests! Party inflatables are a popular and great way to add fun to any style party, whether it is a backyard bash or a larger park celebration. Our inflatables will keep the kids as well as kids at heart entertained for hours. You can make your party unique and

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Renting a Bounce House for any Event!

LI Bounce House Rental | Suffolk County Party Supply Rentals

Nothing rivals the look of pure joy on the face of a child who receives the gift of a bounce house! A bounce house is the perfect addition to any birthday party, picnic, or celebration. These fun, bouncy inflatables provide hours of amusement and exercise for kids of all ages. However, not all bounce houses are created equal. We’ve got a few helpful tips for you to consider when looking to rent a bounce house for your next event.

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Tips for Renting the Perfect Bounce House

LI Bounce House Rental | Hauppauge Party Supply

It’s time to P-A-R-T-Y and what better way to celebrate your little one’s big day than bounce house style? Pink Elephant is your party rental one stop shop. We have bounce houses large and small, a dunk tank and slides sure to put a massive smile on the face of your guest of honor. You may even get some happy parents out of the deal too!

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Rent the Perfect Essentials for an Outdoor Party!

LI Pink Elephant Rentals | Long Island Bounce House

Winter is fast approaching, so now is the time to take advantage of the beautiful outdoor fall weather and have an outdoor party! Pink Elephant Party and Tent Rentals has all the supplies you need to have a fun and successful party that everyone will remember. Whether you are planning an outdoor dinner, a wedding or wedding reception, a family reunion, a company picnic or a fun birthday party, we can help!

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Not sure what to do for your child’s birthday? Rent a Bounce House today!

LI Bounce House Rental | Long Island Party Rental

So you haven’t decided what to do for your child’s birthday party this year. There is a lot to consider, after all. And your child? Your child can’t wait, completely trusting you to throw a fantastic party. So how do you make your child’s birthday dreams come true? Birthday parties can be stressful and let’s not forget competitive. There are countless venues and themes to sift through. Scheduling around sports and other activities can be difficult. Yet that fantastic party is within reach. Imagine an event that stands out, elicits cries of joy from your child, and is truly a crowd pleaser. A Bounce house is the cornerstone of just such an event. Always the highlight of school and community events, bounce houses can easily be rented by parents for private parties. If a bounce house seems daunting, relax. Renting from the right company makes all the difference.

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