Kick-off Summer With a Bounce House

You’ve probably driven past large backyard parties and noticed children having a ball in one of those inflatable bounce houses. Those are the real deal and the little ones have a blast playing inside them. Since it’s just about Summertime, we thought we’d look at a few compelling reasons to throw your kids a spectacular party by renting a bounce house.

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How to Throw The Best Birthday Party

Whether the person you’re preparing for is turning 5 or 50, throwing the perfect birthday bash is a highly respected art form. And might we add, a delicate one at that. This day only comes around once. A year and some milestones are more important and relevant than others. At Pink Elephant Party Rentals, we understand this struggle better than anyone. To this end, we’ve made a list composed of the best tips for throwing that special someone the best birthday blowout possible.

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Items You Won’t Want to Forget Renting for Your Wedding

There are few events in the annals of the human experience that can induce more stress than a wedding. The dresses, bridesmaids, the cake, catering, just to name a few of the various factors that can make even the calmest and most reserved of individuals turn into a heaping ball of raw nerves and dread. When planning the event that will lead two individuals down a path of wedded bliss and matrimony, there are a few choice items that need to be rented for the occasion. Leaving just one of these out can cause calamity, two, and an uproar. Any more…and well, we’re afraid to think about it. 

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Rent a Bounce House in Suffolk County

Let’s face it, bounce houses are so inviting because they are massive, awe-inspiring, and well, just so bouncy-looking. They scream “FUN” without saying a word. Bounce houses draw attention from people, both children and adults, when they are situated anywhere. Pink Elephant suggests that you consider renting a bounce house for your child’s next celebration, or, for no particular occasion at all.

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Party Rentals For A Baby Shower

The upcoming birth of a new baby is a special event that is a joyous time for the mother to be and those close to her who are sharing in the experience of life. One of the biggest events that everyone looks forward to before the birth of a babe is the baby shower. A baby shower is the highlight of many pregnancies, and when planned right, it can be a memorable event that you look fondly back on from time to time.

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