Throw a Co-Ed Baby Shower This Spring

Co-ed baby showers are growing more and more popular. Why restrict your baby shower to only women, when you can invite all of your loved ones to celebrate a baby on the way. For tips on how to make your baby shower co-ed, keep reading.

Baby Showers from Pink Elephant

Most baby shower party accessories are designed to be more girly or feminine. When hosting a co-ed baby shower, you may want a more gender neutral environment to make all guests feel comfortable and welcome. First, select decor that is more on the classy side, rather than the youthful side. If you want your party to match the gender of your baby, you may want to opt for deeper shades of pink or blue, such as maroon and navy, to make the event feel more sophisticated.

Next, when planning the food, consider an entire meal, rather than finger foods. If men and women are attending the event, and the baby shower takes place during lunch or dinner time, you may as well offer a main course to your guests so they don’t have to grab a meal before or after the event. You can cater your baby shower or suggest a potluck.

When it comes to the party favors, you want to supply gender-neutral gifts to your guests. Rather than the more traditional gifts, such as nail polish and makeup, consider baked goods, lottery scratcher tickets, gift cards, and so on.

For help planning your co-ed baby shower, reach out to Pink Elephant Party & Tent Rentals. Rent everything from tents, to tables, to tablecloths for your event with us. We can also provide catering equipment, cotton candy machines, popcorn makers, and other unique enhancements that will make your baby shower one to remember. For more information about our rental services, call Pink Elephant Party & Tent Rentals today at 631-357-3561!

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