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A lot goes into planning the perfect party. Included in this process is finding the best table and seating arrangements possible for all of your guests. This step may seem simple, but there are actually many possible ways to functionally and practically seat your party-going guests. The following guide contains all the advice and hacks you need for the perfect seating arrangements at your next event. Check it out:

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Tables come in a variety of sizes, which will affect how many guests you can seat per table. If you have round tables at your event, a 30 inch round table will be able to fit two to four people, while a 36-inch table can fit four to six. For something a little larger, a 48-inch table will be able to seat six to eight people and a 60-inch table will seat eight to 10 people. If you’re having many guests, a 72-inch table can fit 10 to 12, and the largest table, an 85-inch table, can seat 12 to 14 guests. The most common table, and also the most effective, is the 60 inches round size.

If you are interested in renting square tables for your event, they will likely be 30 inches, 54 inches or 72 inches in size. A 30-inch table can seat four people, a 54-inch table can seat eight, and a 72-inch table is able to seat 12 guests. The minimum square footage you will want for a person’s table setting is 10 square feet.

Banquet tables and rectangle tables allow for your guests to sit side by side. If you rent banquet tables for your event, expect to choose from 4, 6 and 8-foot tables. A 4-foot table can seat four to six people, while a 6-foot table can seat six to eight, and an 8-foot table can seat eight to 10. Rectangle tables will likely be either 4×6 feet or 4×8 feet. If you opt for 4×6 foot table, you can seat eight to 10 guests, while a 4×8 foot table will seat 10 to 12.

Once you’ve selected your tables, you can decide to the layout you want for your event. Banquet style is the most popular setup, which requests a minimum of 5 feet between each table. If you’re opting for something a little different, you can arrange your seats in classroom style, a U-shape or a hollow square to allow for everyone to face the same way.

Now that you know how to arrange your tables for your event, reach out to Pink Elephant Party and Tent Rentals for your tables and chairs. Pink Elephant has a wide variety affordable tables and chairs perfect for your next party. For more information, feel free to reach out to us at 631-357-3561.

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