Rent a Tent for a New Year’s Eve Party

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As we get closer to a new year, you may be in the process of planning an extravagant party to gather your friends and loved ones to celebrate. However, the question remains if whether or not you want to host a New Year’s Eve party inside your home where guests gather and things can ultimately get chaotic.

Oftentimes, this can lead to broken–or even missing valuables. So instead of hosting inside, why not consider renting a tent? Here are 4 reasons why tent rentals can benefit you at your next New Year’s Eve party.

Tent Rental outside by Pink Elephant in Smithtown and Holbrook, NY

Extra Space

Renting a tent allows you to utilize the open space in your yard to host your New Year’s Eve party. Since rooms inside homes are already furnished for everyday living, the actual areas for your guests to mingle and enjoy the festivities are smaller than people often realize.

By having the celebration take place under a spacious tent, you have the ability to arrange the tables, chairs, and even a dance floor in the most conducive way to accommodate everyone.

Don’t Stress

Holding a New Year’s Eve party inside your home can have its drawbacks.

With all the wear and tear in your house caused by the attendees letting their hair down and having fun, there is always the possibility that your valuable and irreplaceable items could inadvertently become damaged or destroyed. You can kick back and relax under a rented tent knowing that your home will be safeguarded from any harm.

Forget the Mess

Tent rental establishments usually offer a slew of catering equipment to facilitate the coordination of your entire event. Not only will they disassemble the tent, but the majority of companies will clean the tent itself if need be as well as all of the items that were used during the party. Thankfully, you will be spared having a big mess to conquer once the celebration comes to an end.

No Weather Worries

There is no need to fret over weather conditions for an outdoor party when you rent a tent. Your New Year’s Eve festivities will be protected under the shelter of a tent no matter what Mother Nature throws your way!

Rent a Tent in Smithtown & Holbrook NY

Pink Elephant Party & Tent Rentals furnishes clients with quality tents as well as other fantastic products and accessories including party table rentals to decorate any occasion beautifully. Pink Elephant has establishments in both Smithtown and Holbrook, NY and may be contacted by calling either 631-580-6110 or 631-357-3561. We hope to assist you in pulling together the best New Year’s Eve party ever!

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