Mark Off the Five W’s for Your Next Event!

When preparing for an event, you want to make sure everything is perfect. To stay organized when prepping for your next event, consider the five Ws. To learn all about the five Ws we recommend, just keep reading.

1. Why
The first “W” is “why?” The most important question to ask when throwing a party is “why am I hosting this event?” Maybe you are celebrating a wedding, birthday, or anniversary, or perhaps you are planning the annual family reunion or office party. Whatever the reason, keep the “why” in mind as you plan for your party. This can help you plan your guest-list, activities, and accommodations.

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2. Who
The second “W” is “who?” Who is coming to your event and who is the event for? If your event is celebrating a person’s birthday or a couple’s wedding or anniversary, be sure that this is clear. On the other hand, if your occasion is a summer barbecue or office party, spend more time focusing on the guest list.

3. What
After you have answered “why” and “who,” you can work on “what?” The what is what will happen at your party. Are you serving dinner, planning games, or playing music? Consider the what when planning out the day or evening.

4. Where
Where is your party taking place? Is it outdoors or indoors? If your party is indoors, make sure there is enough space to accommodate your guests. If the party is outdoors, consider tent, table, and chair rentals to make sure everyone’s needs are met.

5. When
The final “W” is “when?” Is your party taking place in a few days, weeks, or months? Is it taking place during the morning, afternoon, or evening? What about the time of year? Think about all of these factors to plan the most appropriate party possible.

Once you’ve uncovered the five Ws, you’re ready to plan your next event in-depth. For help planning your party, contact Pink Elephant Party & Tent Rentals for a variety of party and tent related rentals! Call us at 631-357-3561 right away!

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