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A Party Tent isn’t just a way to shield your outdoor event from the elements. Tents are also a fantastic way to add beauty, design, and your own personal touch to your party. No matter what time of year you decide to host your outdoor party, the weather may add potential risk. Whether you’re battling rain or the hot sun, a tent can allow your guests ultimate comfort.

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Adding decor to your tent to create an outdoor escape can allow your party to have its own unique feel and ambiance. Draping fabric or adding lights to a tent can turn an ordinary tent into an extraordinary and welcoming party location. You can also add flooring to your tent to avoid the possibility of wet and muddy ground beneath your chairs and tables. Flooring will guarantee that your guests have a safe, clean and level floor to walk and dance on. You may even want to consider adding walls to your tent. If you end up caught in the rain during your event, the wind may blow in some unwanted raindrops. Walls or curtains on a tent can separate your event from the unwanted elements, while still allowing you to enjoy an outdoor event. If you’re hosting a party during the colder fall or winter months, you may even want to consider purchasing or renting a heater. Heaters can warm up any outdoor space, making your party more inviting and comfortable for party goers.

At Pink Elephant Party & Tent Rentals, we have a wide selection of tents to rent for your outdoor events, with prices starting as low as $50. So if you’re in the process of party planning for an outdoor event, don’t hesitate, reach out to us! In addition to our tent rentals, we also have lights, tables, chairs and more that can complete your party planning.

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