Health Benefits of Jumping on Bounce House!

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Not only is it fun for children to play in a bounce house, but it is also beneficial to their health. Your child and their friends can all enjoy playing in a bounce house while also staying safe and active, giving you peace of mind during play time.

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Bounce Houses are structures made of flexible materials and filled with gas, such as air or helium. The soft, flexible materials typically used are comfortable for children to play on. Usually made of rubber, if a child is to fall when playing, they most likely will not get hurt or injured. If anything, their fall might be part of the fun.

Bounce Houses are also a source of cardio for children. Whether or not they know it, children are exercising their bodies when jumping for long periods of time in a bounce house. Their heart rate increases with every jump, which eventually increases their cardio health. Jumping also strengthens muscles and bone density while training joints, tendons, and ligaments to enhance flexibility. Your children can also experience increased metabolism and healthy weight loss when regularly jumping in a bounce house.

At Pink Elephant Party & Tent Rentals, we have a variety of bounce houses that can provide health benefits for your child. Consider renting from our selection, which includes the 16 x 16 Scooby Doo Inflatable, the 16 x 16 Monster Truck, the 15 x 15 Castle Bouncer and the Athletic Bounce house. Whichever style excites your child the most, they will love playing with their friends in our fun and affordable inflatable bounce houses. Plus, you can enjoy knowing your child is happy, safe and healthy when playing in a bounce house. So, whether your child is having an upcoming birthday party, or they just want to enjoy the good weather while playing outside, consider renting a bounce house from Pink Elephant Party & Tent Rentals today.

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