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Renting a tent is a wonderful idea for your backyard wedding, birthday celebration, or any other special occasion. Tents make excellent additions to outdoor festivities as they offer protection against uncooperative weather and are obtainable in a variety of styles and sizes. Since there is no limit as to how the interior can be decorated, you have the ability to go all-out with any theme you choose. Pink Elephant offers helpful information about tents in order to assist you in preparing for your next event.

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Q-Peak or High Peak Tent

This kind of tent is great for smaller backyard events as several tents can be combined and configured around fixed objects.

Pole Tent

Pole tents are cost-effective and their internal poles are perfect for draping lights and other party decorations. This style of tent requires the use of stakes to hold the tent upright and maintain its correct form.


Ideal for backyard weddings, the canvas of this tent mimics sailcloth which is very elegant in appearance and has tall wooden side poles. Stakes are crucial to secure this specific style of tent.

Frame Tent

A frame tent offers top-notch protection against the elements of nature such as snowfall and gusty winds. This type of tent can be secured by utilizing stakes or weights.

Sidewalls are optional additions for tents and must be entirely opened or closed in order to block pockets of wind. When the sidewalls are closed and a heater is placed within, the tent can be comfortably utilized during cold weather.

Pink Elephant has a fabulous selection of tents that can accommodate all of your backyard festivities. The desirable array of quality party supplies we carry is expansive. Our company has locations in both Smithtown and Holbrook, NY, and may be reached by calling either (631) 580-6110 or (631) 357-3561. Thank you for your interest in our establishment.

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