When to Start Planning Your Summer Party

When should you start your game plan for a blockbuster summer party?

Fortunately, there’s plenty of summer left, so you’re not really “running late” yet. That being said, time is of the essence if you want to host a large gathering, with enough entertainment to make it worthwhile. While there’s no hardline rule for how far in advance to plan, we would like to offer a basic timeline to help you prepare the best summer party possible.

tent rentals near brookhavenSummer Party Timeline

  1. Concept Development (Two Months Prior) – Give yourself about two months before your party for sufficient planning. For substantial events, it will take about that long to make decisions, and get everyone moving on them. This is where you choose the theme (i.e., pool party, costume party, even football tailgate), and determine the appropriate venue. At a minimum, decide whether to invite 10 to 20 guests, or upwards of 200.
  2. Gather Supplies (One Month Prior) – Don’t wait too long to track down whatever you think you’ll need for a party. Some of the big-ticket items (like tents, tables, venues) will require a reservation. You’ll also need to have a firm idea about food, drinks, games, music, and decorations.  
  3. Invite Friends, Family, Guests (Three Weeks Prior) – Once you’ve gotten the ball rolling on most everything and know there’s enough interest, then complete your guest list and mail invitations.
  4. Final Two Weeks – Finally, you’ll want to spend the last two weeks hammering out the remaining details. This involves everything from making sure bathrooms are clean to double checking everything with the vendors you hire. Don’t wait until the previous evening to make sure you have enough help to set up everything.

What Are The Most Important Party Items?

Now, let’s go over some of the common party supplies you can rent from us to maximize the experience.

  • Tents, Tables, Other Furniture – This is absolutely crucial for backyard or outdoor parties. 
  • Balloons, Decorations, Table Linens – These things are less essential, but you’ll want to decorate well if you’re throwing an extra classy banquet or going-away party.
  • Wait Staff? Chefs? – If you want to throw a truly upscale celebration, then consider hiring some of our dedicated waitstaff. Depending on the size and scope of your party, we can support you with grill chefs, servers, bartenders, and more. This is a common demand for anyone planning a wedding party in Long Island this summer.
  • Catering Equipment – Here is where you secure all the important dining items if you’re hiring us for catering. It would include silverware, bowls, plates, regular glasses, toasting glasses, coolers, coffee urns, grilling equipment, and so forth.

Did we miss anything?

If so, then chances are you’ll find it elsewhere on our website, or can ask our staff about it anytime. Pink Elephant covers all the bases for party planners, regardless of whether you intend to throw an enormous or modest summer party. Call us today to start your party planning at 631-357-3561.

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