Tips for Throwing the Ideal Gender Reveal Party

Expecting a baby means that you have a lot to look forward to as well as wondering if the bundle of joy will be a girl or boy! Pink Elephant offers helpful tips for throwing the ideal gender reveal party.                                                                                                                                                

Uncover Your Baby’s Gender 

Before your party can take place, it needs to be established if you will be having a bouncing baby boy or girl. Your doctor can perform an ultrasound during your second trimester to learn your baby’s gender. Specific genetic blood tests can tell the gender as well.tent rentals long island

Determine Who You Want to Surprise

If you want to be surprised and find out the baby’s gender at the same time as your guests, ask someone at the medical practice to write the gender of the baby on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope to be opened at the party. 

Select the Party’s Theme

Choose a theme for the party and tie it into the invitations and decor for a cohesive feel and appearance. The traditional hues are pink and blue, but you can gear the motif to be splashed with different color preferences instead. A professional party rental company can assist you in pulling your theme together perfectly. 

Arrange the When and Where

Make sure that you set the date of the party after you have confirmation of the baby’s gender. You may decide to arrange for the event to be held inside your home or prefer to celebrate outdoors. With the assistance of a reputable party rental company, any space can be transformed into a magical one.

Distribute the Invitations

Jot down the purpose of the party on the invitations. If you would like the attendees to wear certain colors, you can include this information, too. It is not customary to give gifts at gender reveal parties unless combined with baby showers. Since your guests will need to select gender-neutral presents, keep that factor in mind if you plan to register at any stores. 

Plan Your Menu

Give thought to whether you will serve a fancy sit-down meal, have an array of buffet selections, or just offer cocktail-style appetizers along with beverages and dessert. 

Get Festive and Creative

Unleash your inner decor creativity by dressing the tables with eye-catching linens, plates, drinkware, and utensils. Consider renting a tent for an outdoor party so no matter the weather, your guests and supplies are adequately covered! 


Pink Elephant provides premium rentals that are guaranteed to add splendor to your big event. Finally knowing if you will be welcoming a baby boy or girl is exciting for everyone and we carry an expansive assortment of products to create the gender reveal party of your dreams. Pink Elephant has establishments in Smithtown and Holbrook, NY, and you may contact our company by calling (631) 580-6110 or (631) 357-3561


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