Rental Options for an Anniversary Party

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Pink Elephant brings you awesome tips for selecting the ideal tent, tables, chairs, and linens to create a lovely backyard anniversary party. When deciding upon all of your options, coordinate your rentals to reflect the theme of your special occasion.

Rental Options for an anniversary party


Renting a tent for your backyard anniversary party ensures that uncooperative weather doesn’t put a damper on things. Depending on the design of the tent and all the decor and accessories you select, a charming, personalized ambiance can be created.


There are a variety of options when it comes to renting tables. You may prefer to keep all the tables uniform or you can rent a combination of different styles. If guests of all ages will be present, you can seat attendees of the same age groups together and even have tables that are geared towards children.


Once you have chosen your desired tables, it is time to select the chairs. Some of your options are in terms of color such as white or black, and the material, like wood or plastic. You can obtain padded chairs as well as chairs that stack or fold. If you are seating kids, make certain that you rent chairs specifically designed for children.


Depending on the theme of your anniversary celebration, select two or three colors of linens to rent that enhance the overall concept. A rich shade of blue, gold, lavender, black, and white are fabulous suggestions that radiate sophistication. Selecting a uniform material for all the table cloths, table runners, and chair coverings looks very tasteful and put together. When it comes to handpicking napkins, it is perfectly fine to choose a different color.

Pink Elephant offers high-quality rentals of all kinds to help make your anniversary party a stunning event. We have locations in Smithtown and Holbrook, NY, and may be reached at either 631-580-6110 or 631-357-3561.

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