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We are in the hottest part of the summer right now, those few remaining weeks before Labor Day when things might start to cool off. If you are trying to plan a child’s birthday party outdoors in the heat of the summer, we know how hard that is. Why not bring a waterslide into the mix for your next kid’s party? There are several reasons a kid’s party slide would be a great idea.

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Why a Party Slide?

First, having a kids water slide means that all of the kids will stay cool because they’ll be in and out of the water all afternoon. Adults can also take advantage of the slide as well to cool off. That way, no one gets hot or uncomfortable.

When you rent a party slide, there’s no setup. We take care of the setup, and the takedown as well. You don’t have to do much to set up for a water slide party, which is great for busy parents. We will show up at your house at the appointed time with a generator and hook the slide up to your water supply. You use the slide for the amount of time given for the party, then we deflate the slide and haul it away.

Also, a party slide is a novelty for the kids. You don’t see a party with a water slide every day, so it brings something new and different to the table. We don’t know many kids who don’t love a slide, and they will immediately run to the slide to slide down into the water. With a party slide, you also don’t have to plan an afternoon full of activities, which can be exhausting for you. Instead, you sit back and let the kids play. Sounds like the perfect way to end the summer.

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